30T vertical flow Drying Machine

30T vertical flow

Sales identification number DC 300
Model 5HXG-30C
Structural style Batch-type circulation
Total weight (kg) 8350
Capacity(kg) Unhulled rice (0.56 T/m3) 7500~30000
Wheat (0.68 T/m3) 9100~36500
Batch processing capacity (kg) (rice) 30000
Overall size Overall length 4844
Overall width 3967
Overall height 12380
Heating mode Direct/Indirect
Fiber machine Type Double fire control, and double throttle automatic adjustment
Ignition mode High voltage autoignition
Fuel type Natural gas/liquefied gas
Fuel consumption: (kg/h) 15 Nm3/h3/h
Total power (kW) 16.57
Mating power Three-phase 380V/50HZ
Applicable fuel type Bio-particles, rice hull, natural gas, liquefied gas, diesel, etc.
Performances Feeding time: rice/wheat (min) 50~60/45~55
Discharging time: rice/wheat (min) 55~65/50~60
Hot air temperature (°C) 30~120
Moisture reduction rate (%/h) 0.6~1.2
Safety device Air pressure switch, hot air temperature sensor, malfunction overheat switch, hot relay, breaker protector, full-load alarm switch
Note: performance and moisture reduction rate listed in the table above are for reference, and actual values shall vary due to external air temperature, relative humidity, grain type, hot air temperature and moisture content before and after drying.
Low broken rate
Big volume drying special dustpan
Low speed feeding device, reduce grain fragmentation
Low speed bucket type elevator, designed with special anti-slip grain into tail block grain plate, with low fragmentation.
High degree of automation, on-line monitoring of drying process, timely alarm and inquiry of failure, and remote control can be realized.
Moisture monitoring in real time ,to achieve the target moisture automatic stop.
With intelligent drying mode, suitable drying process is automatically matched according to grain varieties, uses and environmental parameters.
High drying efficiency
Advanced thin layer cross-flow drying process, air flow more easily penetrated;
Unique air inlet system design, grain heating uniformity, no dead Angle, good grain quality;
High efficiency and low noise exhaust fan, high air volume, high drying efficiency;
Suitable of drying for many kinds of grains.

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