15T mixed flow Drying Machine

15T mixed flow

Sales identification number DF120 DF168
Model 5HXH-12A 5HXH-15A
Dryer type Mixed-flow batch circulation
Capacity(kg) Unhulled rice 4500~12000 4500~15000
Wheat 5500~14500 5500~18200
Boundary dimension (L*W*H) mm 4400x2920x9940 4400x2920x11030
Burner type   Hot-air stove
Ignition mode   Manual
Fuel type   Coal, straw, rice hull, wood, etc.
Fuel consumption(kg/h) Rice ≤90 Rice ≤90
Coal ≤45 Coal ≤45
Mating power   Three-phase 380V/50HZ
Total power (kw)   10.14 10.14
Empty weight (kg)   3720 4040
Performances Feeding time (min) 45~55 70~80
Discharging time (min) 45~55 70~80
Moisture reduction rate (% /h) 0.5~1.2 10.14
Safety device Thermal relay, full grain alarm, fault alarm, timing switch, abnormal overheating.
Note: performance and moisture reduction rate listed in the table above are for reference, and actual values shall vary due to external air temperature, relative humidity, grain type, hot air temperature and moisture content before and after drying.
Reducing mixed-flow dryer mode adopted to realize hot air thorough contact with grain to achieve even drying and high efficiency;
15 frequency change positions to provide varied air flow for varied grain types for energy saving;
Adopt air inlet integrated chamber design to make it easier to clean the suction canal;
Optimize the ratio of tempering time to drying time to further improve drying efficiency;
Optimize the hoisting system with patented breakage-proof device to effectively reduce drying breakage;
Adopt 6-groove special kick-out wheel design to reduce blockage and dry the material evenly;
Adopt high-capacity and high toughness material winnowing pan with high lifting capacity, low damage and long service life;
Automated drying monitoring system for easy operation and management;
Optional installation of imported online grain moisture tester for real-time precise moisture test;
There are various heating modes and fuels for selection, with low drying cost;
Wide applied to drying of rice, wheat, corn, rape, millet and other grains.
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