10T/15T vertical flow Drying Machine

10T/15T vertical flow

Sales identification number DC100 DC125 DC150
Model 5HXG-10C BHXG-12.5C 5HXG-15C
Structural style Batch-type circulation
Total weight 2840 3040 3240
Capacity Unhusked rice(0.56T/m³) Capacity(kg) 2500~10000 2500~12500 2500~15000
Wheat(0.68T//m³) 3035~12100 3035~15200 3035~18200
Processing amount (kg/h)( moisture reduction rate of 25% to 14.5%) ≥600 ≥800 ≥900
Overall size Overall length 3577 3577 3577
Overall width 2973 2973 2973
Overall height 9315 10405 11495
Heating mode Direct/Indirect
Burner Type Double fire control,and double throttle automatic adjustment
Lgnition mode High voltage autoigtion
Fuel type Natural gas~liquefied gas
Fuel consumption(kg/h) 8Nm³/h<gas consumption<15Nm³
Total power(kW) 9.44
Mating power Three-phase 380V/50HZ
Applicable fuel type Bio-particles, rice husk, natural, gas, liquefied gas, diesel, electric power ,etc
Performances Feeding time: rice/wheat(min) 40~50/35~45 50~60/40~50 55~65/50~60
Discharging time: rice/wheat(min) 50~60/45~55 60~70/55~65 70~80/65~75
Hot air temperature(℃) 30~120
Moisture reduction rate(%/h) 0.5~1.2
Drying capacity(t/h*%/h) Rice≥6/ wheat≥7
Unit heat consumption(KJ/kg. water ≤5000
Safety devices Air pressure switch, hot Air temperature sensor, malfunction overheat switch, hot relay, breaker protector, full-load alarm
Note: performance and moisture reduction rate listed in the table above are for reference, and actual values shall vary due to external air temperature, relative humidity, grain type, hot air temperature and moisture content before and after drying.
Low-speed spiral conveying with low grain damage;
●Low damage elevator for high grain drying quality;
●Thin drying layer with large airflow to ensure high drying efficiency and quality;
●Equipped with impurities clearance device to reduce the impurity rate;
●Special wear-resisting material used on the grains flow part for long service life;
●Special wear-resisting material likes stainless steel used on the collecting unit and low speed can improve wear resistance and reduce grain damage;
●Automated drying monitoring system for easy operation and management;
●Optional installation of imported online grain moisture tester for real-time precise moisture test;
●Multi heat supply models and fuel models available for drying cost saving.
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