DS Series Continuous drying tower

DS Series Continuous drying tower

Sales identification number Unit DS1000 DS2500 DS3000 DS4000 DS5000 DS6000
Model / 5HLH-100 5HLH-200 5HLH-300 5HLH-400 5HLH-500 5HLH-600
Processing volume t/h 100 200 300 400 500 600
Range of moisture reduction % 10~16
Heating medium / Clean air
Hot air temperatrue < 120
Maximum heating temperature of grain 55
Drying unevenness % < 2
Added value of grain damage % < 0.5
Unit heat consumption kj/kgH2O 7000-8000
Coal consumption(standard coal) kg/h 60~230 120~460 180~690 240~1000 300~1380 360~1380
Whole machine capacity(corn) t 45 80 122 140 170 185
Dimensions of main motor m 4×4 4.4×4.4 5.3×4.9 6.5×5.4 7×5.4 7×5.9
Host height m 23 24.5 24.5 25 26.5 26.5
Note: performance and moisture reduction rate listed in the table above are for reference, and actual values shall vary due to external air temperature, relative humidity, grain type, hot air temperature and moisture content before and after drying.
High dry efficiency, In the northeastern alpine region, more than 30% of the initial water can also be a precipitation of water to 14.5% of the safety of water ;
●Machine without dead ends, the use of four impeller volumetric discharge device, frequency control, dry food moisture even after the uniformity ;
●The best drying process using single-tower single furnace to enhance the machine failure rate is low, small footprint ;
●The outside of the body with galvanized steel packaging, long service life ;
●The use of environmentally friendly energy-saving hot stove, high thermal efficiency, low heat consumption, provincial coal power,the use of a wide range of fuel ;
●Long drying process, with the wind evenly, after baking grain quality is good, do not reduce the bulk density
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