●Large capacity cereal drying special bucket, low speed grain discharge device and bucket elevator , reduce the broken rate of grain ;
●Large air volume and low temperature cycle drying, reduce the burst waist and crack rate;
●One key drying, drying process online monitoring, intelligent alarm shutdown;
●Real-time monitoring of water, it automatically shut down when reach to the target;
●New innovative full - angle box type drying layer, using inverse mixed flow drying, good uniformity ,high efficiency;
●Unique intake air system design, higher drying efficiency;
●High-power centrifugal dehumidifier fan, large air volume, high high vacuum pressure aeration, faster dehumidification ;
●Three layer with multi-stages drying , high drying efficiency.

Drying system: A new innovative angle tube inverse mixed flow structure, , higher drying efficiency;
Dust blower: 30kW high power centrifugal fan;
Lifting system: high wear-resistant bucket, low broken bucket elevator;
Control system: easy to operate, intelligent control system;
Moisture meter: Import high-precision online grain moisture meter;
Conveyor system: screw conveyor with abrasion resistant material;
In and out wind system: hot air distribution more uniform large windshield structure, drying more averagely.
Model DM400
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 6350×4942×12125
Type Batch-type Cross Flow Circulation
Capacity Paddy/Wheat (kg) 25000~40000
Fuel consumption(kg/h) ≤150(coal)
Power source 380V、50Hz
Power Consumption (kw) 35.57
Safety Devices Full load buzzer,Overload protection device,Temperature sensor,Control fuse,  Pressure sensor, Burner flamout buzzer
Loading (min) 60-70 (corn)
Discharging (min) 70-80(corn)
Drying Rate (%/h) 1.5-2.5(corn)

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