●Using variable diameter mixed flow drying, hot air and grain can be fully mixed, dry averagely, high efficiency;
●Using variable frequency energy-saving technology, matching air volume automatically according to different varieties of grain , saving energy ;
●Configure the grain impurity dust removal device, effectively reduce the inclusion rate;
●Using design of inlet air integrated room, effectively reducing Impurities rate;
●Optimizing the best drying ratio, and further improve the drying efficiency;
●Optimizing the lifting system, with patent of anti - damage device, effectively reduce the drying broken;
●Using 6 slots dedicated grain wheel design, reduce the blocking, drying more averagely;
●Using special wear-resistant materials for Food flow parts, long service life;
●Using large capacity and high toughness material bucket, enhancing lifting capacity, low rate of broken, long service life;
●Automatic drying monitoring system,more simple operation, more convenient management;
●Optional imported online grain moisture tester, real-time accurate detection of water value;
●A variety of heating methods and fuels are optional, lower drying costs ;
●Suitable for rice, wheat, corn, rapeseed, millet and other grains dry, with wider range of adaptation.
Model DF168
Type Batch-type Cross Flow Circulation
Capacity Paddy (kg) 4500-15000
Wheat (kg) 5500-18200
Power Consumption (kw) 10.14
Empty weight (kg) 4040
Size(L*W*H)(mm) 4400*2920*11030
Furnace type Biomass furnace
biomass furnace Mixed Flow
Fuel Coal, Firewood, Straw, Cavings, etc
Power source 380V、50Hz
Fuel consumption(kg/h) Straw ≤90      Coal   ≤45
Performance Loading (min) 70-80
Discharging (min) 70-80
Drying Rate (%/h) 0.5-1.2
Safety Devices Full load buzzer,Overload protection device,Temperature sensor,Control fuse,  Pressure sensor, Burner flamout buzzer

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