60T/75T vertical flow Drying Machine

60T/75T vertical flow

Sales identification number DC 600 DC 750
Model 5HXG-60 5HXG-75
Structure Batch circulation
Total weight (kg) 24500 25000
Capacity(kg) Unhulled rice (0.56 T/m3) 8500~60000 8500~75000
Wheat (0.6 8T/m3) 10300~72850 10300~91000
Batch processing capacity (kg) (rice) 60000 75000
Overall size Overall length 7037 7037
Overall width 9634 9634
Overall height 14286 15376
Heating mode Indirect/direct
Fiber machine Type Automatic feeding
Ignition mode Automatic ignition
Fuel type Bio-particles
Fuel consumption: (kg/h) ≤205 kg/h
Total power (kW) 56.4
Mating power Three-phase 380V/50HZ
Applicable fuel type Bio-particles, natural gas, rice hull furnace, etc.
Performances Feeding time: rice/wheat (min) 50~60/45~55 60~70/55~65

Discharging time: rice/wheat (min)
60~65/55~60 75-85/70~80
Hot air temperature (°C) 30~120
Moisture reduction rate (%/h) 0.6~1.2
Safety devices Air pressure switch, hot air temperature sensor, malfunction overheat switch, hot relay, breaker protector, full-load alarm
Note: performance and moisture reduction rate listed in the table above are for reference, and actual values shall vary due to external air temperature, relative humidity, grain type, hot air temperature and moisture content before and after drying.
Adopt with low-speed large diameter upper and lower conveyor with low grain damage;
●Extra large drying area, thin layer multi-channel drying layer with high drying efficiency and even drying;
●Driving wheel of the elevator adopt surface adhesive coating process, with low-speed operation for low grain
●Automatic drying monitoring system, with dynamic display of temperature and moisture and fault warning, which are simple to operate and convenient to manage;
●Equipped with imported online moisture tester for a precise real time dynamic control of grain moisture;
●Adopt multifunction hot-air stove for heating, with fuels such as coal, rice hull, straw for low operation costs.
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