Sprayer 3850D


1.large chemical tank capacity reduces times of adding water; High efficiency, suitable to large area spraying of ​​orchards, grassland ; also applicable for health and epidemic prevention.
2. Large wind capacity and long-distance is suitable for wide row distance and leafy orchards.
3. Fast wind speed, good penetrating; more spraying areas.
4, Uniform spraying and droplet particles can effectively increase the adhesion and utilization of chemical.
5, Track, pressure, spraying volume and spraying height are adjustable, suitable for different heights of the spraying operations.
6, Two-direction ventilation makes air circulation available, improving spraying leaf area.
Model 3850D
machine trialed
working mode air blast, double side spraying
chemical tank capacity (L) 1500
plunger pump discharge (L/min) 120
plunger pump rotation speed (rpm) 540
plunger pump working pressure (MPa) 0.8
plunger pump Max pressure (MPa 3.5-4.0
fan rotation speed (rpm) 2200
matched power (hp) ≥35
spraying span (cm) calm wind station  1200-1500
working speed (km/h) 4-8
dimension (mm) 3750×1410×1600
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