No. Trade Terms Interpretation Delivery Point
1 EXW Ex Works Goods origin
2 FCA Free Carrier Place, port in exporting country
3 FAS Free Alongside Ship Loading port (sea freight)
4 FOB Free On Board Loading port (sea freight)
5 CFR Cost+Freight Loading port (sea freight)
6 CIF Cost+Insurance+Freight Loading port (sea freight)
7 CPT Carriage Paid to Place, port in exporting country
8 CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid to Place, port in exporting country
9 DAT Delivered at Terminal Designated place in importing country
10 DAP Delivered at Place Designated place in importing country
11 DDP Delivered Duty Paid Designated place in importing country
We can provide a variety of transportation programs in accordance with the actual weight and size of cargo and help our customers choose the best program of lowest cost and highest efficiency.

1). Sea Freight-----FCL/LCL/RORO

We have established good partnership with domestic and overseas major shipping companies, which ensures competitive price and efficient service covering global main routes, such as the U.S. and Canada, Central and South America, Europe, the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, Far East, etc.
Characteristics of Sea Freight:
• Two options of LCL and FCL are available;
• The smallest volume for shipping cargo is 1CRM;
• Long transit time and high damage probability of cargo;
• Customs declaration documents are required both for export and import. The consignee at the destination should pay duty and VAT.
• Generally applicable to goods that is not urgently needed and has lower unit price;
• Not very strict limitation on hazardous cargo.

2). International multimodal transport including international railway and highway

Our international railway multimodal transport service includes international railway multimodal transport container service and wagon staging service; customs declaration, inspection declaration service; reliable tracking information of cargo in transit; creating and posting operation documents.
Main destinations: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Mongolia and other countries and regions where delivery to door can be provided.

3). Air Freight

We have established good partnership with domestic and overseas major air freight service suppliers, which ensures our service covers main global routes. Both Door to Airport and Door to Door service can be provided. We promise reasonable transportation cost and excellent service.
Characteristics of Air Freight:
• Two options of “to door” and “to airport” are available;
• Applicable to cargo>100kg and also depends on specific situations;
• Shipper should provide customs declaration documents. If shipper cannot provide it, he/she should get foreign trading companies to provide those documents.
• There is no strict limitation on cargo weight or size. Regularly, cargo size should not exceed 3m*2m*1.5m;
• The non-risk identification should be provided along with cargo of liquid, grain and powder.
• Flights can be chosen flexibly in accordance with cargo transit time.
• The consignee at the destination should provide customs declaration documents and usually should pay duty and VAT;
• Corresponding documents required by customs should be provided for cargo under national import restriction;
• Applicable to cargo that has high value, strict requirements for transit time and should get export duty rebate;

4). Global Express

We have cooperated and established good partnership with world-renowned express companies, such DHL, TNT, FEDEX, and UPS. Our service covers 200 countries across the world and we can provide door to door delivery.
Characteristics of International Express:
• Applicable to cargo<100kg;
• Cargo are documents, samples and advertisement samples that have no commercial value;
• Air freight, door to door service;



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