Brief Introduction of 4FZ-50 Self-propelled Tomato Harvester

The product is used for mechanized harvesting of tomato. It integrates various functions including cutting, shaking, sorting and loading. All of the movement and functions are driven by hydraulic system.

  • Cutting Device

    The cutting device is made of reciprocating cutting with seedling picking teeth. The device can cut the seedling and automatically transport it to the carrier chain.

  • Shaker Device

    The shaker device is made of the periodic vibration of the separating roller to separate the tomato and seedling.

  • Sorter Device

    The sorter device is made of the linear CCD detection system and FPGA programmable control system to separate the ripening fruits and others.

  • Electro-hydraulic Control System

    The most advanced full hydraulic control system which is made of imported hydraulic components,The connector of the hydraulic pipes are international famous brand to make sure there is no leakage.

The Selling Points of Zoomlion 4FZ-50 Self-propelled Tomato Harvester
  • Stable

    Advanced technology adopted, the machine has good performation and can adapt to various working conditions.

  • Efficiency

    The total harvest rate is 50 tons per hour. The machine provides all functions including cutting, shaking, sorting and loading.

  • Reliable

    The machine uses the most advanced hydraulic proportional control technology, and the main parts are from the international leading brands.

  • Comfortable

    Convenient operating, easy driving.



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