sugarcane harvester parameter
sugarcane harvester parameter sugarcane harvester parameter
sugarcane harvester sugarcane harvester sugarcane harvester

The chassis of Zoomlion AS60 sugarcane harvester is of crawler rigid boat structure, with high strength, low grounding pressure and good pass ability without occurrence of derailing, which has good adaptability to the mountain land and wetland. The harvester is equipped with Cummins 6BTA5.9-C180 engine, of parallel structure combining water radiator and oil radiator Besides, the travel adopts hydraulic CVT and variable closed hydraulic system. Solenoid valve in variable open system is used to control proportional valve to distribute flow when conveying working parts and fan parts. It is controlled by manual valve in .quantitative open system when conveying arm sprocket drive and swing parts of fans. The application of imported hydraulic components ensures Zoomlion harvester's advancement and reliability.

During the harvesting process, the cutting, conveying and unloading devices of AS60 sugarcane harvester are integrated closely. The cutter cutting technology featuring double-cutter style feeding configuration and tail-cutting blade largely lowers the break rate of sugar-cane. In addition, the transmission screw rollers in the cutter have strong ability of feeding in the rear direction, which can efficiently avoid the block of sugar-cane. The detrashing cutting device can complete conveying, detrashing and cutting. When discharging,180°rotary loading and unloading system, integrating high-strength aluminum alloy structure and light materials, not only guarantees the durability of elevator, but also provides greater stability and higher efficiency.

sugarcane harvester sugarcane harvester sugarcane harvester

Advanced world-class technology absorbed and converted; adopt the unique all hydraulic transmission technology of automatic feedback of information for operable combination motor; make full use of engine power; higher efficiency and lower energy consumption; energy consumption;

Multiple patented technology such as unique split-type sugarcane cutter; lower break rate of crop rotation, better feeding performance and more convenient for maintenance;

Unique patented technology using double motors driving hydraulic automatic balance; strong cutting strength and super parallel of main blade and auxiliary blade; neat incision reducing the break rate and loss of sugar;

Unique patented technology of all float travelling configuration with good adaptability to different terrains.

sugarcane harvester
sugarcane harvester sugarcane harvester sugarcane harvester sugarcane harvester

Hydraulic CVT is adopted in travel system; working parts are controlled by hydraulic solenoid proportional valves; great adaptability; easier operation;

Ergonomic design is adopted in cabs with excellent vision and easy operation;

Quiet air-conditioning system, comfortable drive;

Optional fans, practical and economic.

sugarcane harvester
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