Agricultural UAV products are dedicated to prevent and cure the crops and plants for delivering pesticides on farmlands, trees prairies and others.

  • 18L spraying machine

  • 15L spraying machine

  • 10L spraying machine

  • 6L spraying machine

  • High efficiency

    The operating efficiency upon different items is 5-34 acres/hour, 20-100 times of the manual work.

  • Excellent operating effect

    The spray tube is well built with the entity to guarantee a good stability. Nozzles are fixed under the propellers. The downward flow can enhance the penetration effect of pesticides and swing the leaves up and down to spray pesticides on both sides.

  • Low cost, easy to transport

  • Broad application

    Can be used in mountains and hills where ground machines cannot work.

  • Remoter control

  • Avoid touching pesticide

  • Operating in the air and not affected by the terrain

  • 01. Flight upon the terrain(optional. ) Measuring the distance by ultrasonic, the flight control system can calculate the height between crops and aero craft itself and keep relevant height all the time.

  • 02. Nozzles are fixed under the propellers. The downward flows can strengthen the penetration effect of farm chemicals and prevent fluttering.

  • 03. Anti-vibration pesticide box. When operating, the aircrafts may be not stable due to the vibration of pesticides and even result in crashing. Integrated design of anti-vibration box and bracket can reduce the vibration and enhance the flight performance.

  • 04.LED strip light for recognition LED strip light recognition is fixed on the arms for the operators to control the distance when it is not bright enough. The light will flash when the battery is nearly used out.

  • 05. Foldable. It can be folded and convenient to transfer and transport



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